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The Metro Moore County Water Plant - Lynchburg, TN


Small town values and perfect americana living are alive and well in Lynchburg, a small town of 5,500 or so residents tucked away in the rolling hills of Moore County Tennessee.

The Metro Moore County Water Plant provides drinking water and wastewater services (including sewage treatment) to residential, commerical, and industrial sectors of the economy. The water industry includes manufacturers and suppliers of bottled water. The water industry operates sophisticated and costly water and wastewater networks and sewage treatment plants. Their functions commonly include intgerated water system (water supply, sanitation system, and wastewater treament), bulk water supply, water and wastewater network operations, and retail.

Richland, LLC Projects

Renovation of existing water treatment plant. Work included construction of a new clearwell, two filters, flocculator tanks, and electrical building, installation of high service pumps, and modification to existing settling basins.