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Pulaski Waste Water Treatment Plant - Pulaski, TN


The city of Pulaski in Giles County, Tennessee, is located approximately one hour south of Nashville, Tennessee, and one hour north of Huntsville, AL. In 2010, the Census approximated the population at 7,870. Pulaski was founded in 1809.

The Pulaski Water Department provides the citizens of Pulaski and Giles County with a clean, safe, and reliable source of potable water. The Waste Water Department's goal is to provide environmentally conscientious treatment of wastewater, complying with all state and federal regulations.

Richland, LLC Projects

Renovation of existing wastewater treatment plant. Work includes demolition of old trickling filters and grit basins, construction of a new 100' clarifier, UV disinfection system, splitter box pump station, grit blowers building, and Lab Building, installing new blowers, climber screen, and aeration equipment, modifing the existing headworks and aeration basins, as well as laying ductile iron pipe up to 30' in diameter.