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AMTEC - Huntsville, AL


AMTEC is a well-respected, privately held company headquartered in Huntsville, AL, providing industry leading Research & Development, Engineering, System Integration, Automation Robotics & Manufacturing, Test & Evaluation, Government Support and Training to government and commercial customers since 1988.

AMTEC's mission is to deliver superior solutions from concept to reality for their customers. AMTEC accomplishes this mission by providing Services & Products that leverage Experience & Abilities Design, Build and Test solutions to customer problems starting where they are and enabling them to accomplish their near, mid, and long-term objectives.

Richland, LLC Projects

Constructed "Cassette Frames" - used by Steel Mills to hold and transport large sheets of steel plates.

Fabrication of a "Robot Base and Pouring Robot Ladle Arm" - used for pouring metal in an engine block die cast foundry.

Fabrication of a "Knockoff Press" - used in engine foundry to knock off casting runners and sprues after casting has cooled.

Fabrication of a "Sawhouse" - used in conjunction with knockoff press and station to catch parts being broken off.

Fabrication of "Freezer Racks" - used to store medical items in special freezers.